What You Can Learn From The Top 0.01% SEO Sellers on BlackHatWorld

How The Top 0.01% SEO Service Sellers on BHW Are Making Millions of Dollars

Black Hat World is a popular SEO forum. It has a marketplace section where people can buy and sell backlinking and other SEO related services. The top sellers on this forum are all doing huge numbers in terms of revenues.

The below video discusses the things that separate the top 0.01% sellers on BlackHatWorld from the rest of the sellers who are doing ok or not doing well.

One of the differentiating factors is the top sellers have built track record of their performance and results. They have an impressive track record to show for a long period of time. This convinces and persuades a lot of people to try their services.

The top sellers lead with results. Because their clients are getting results, they are willing to come back again and again with more orders. If your work produces results, the $$$ are likely to follow soon.

How do you get good results for the clients? By following things that work. To know what works, you have to do lot of testing on your own. So the sellers need to learn and keep learning, unlearning, re-learning and updating their knowledge. What worked 5 years earlier may not be effective anymore.

Before launching the service, it is critically important to test, test and test. If you cannot produce good results for yourself, you are unprepared to launch your service to the general public? By being hasty you may spoil your reputation. Reputation and reviews matter a lot on the BHW forum.

If your reputation gets tainted and you get lot of negative reviews, it could become very difficult to get future orders. So before launching make sure your service is able to generate results for the clients and that it rocks! Would you dare to participate in a horse race before you have learned and mastered horse riding? Would you take part in a swimming competition before you have become proficient in swimming?

Even if if takes you several months of tiresome testing and tweaking, let it be so. In the end, if you can come up with a strategy or plan that works at least 70-80% of the time, you have a winner on your hands. It is said good performers spend a major portion of their time in preparation rather than the actual performance.

So don’t be afraid to spend weeks and months in learning, experimenting, monitoring and tweaking, until you can achieve results that you will be proud of. Now you can launch yourself on the world stage! Now is the time to announce yourself (or your service) to the world and make a killing!

These were some of my thoughts on the points discussed in the video. I think producing results for clients is what separates the super successful sellers from the others who are not doing too well. Awesome results are the doorway to greater client satisfaction, tons of orders, raving reviews, repeat buyers and long term success, whether on Black Hat World or elsewhere.

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