3 Things Online Marketers Can Learn From Casanovas

Oftentimes people only look at the negative side of a person or thing. They fail to notice or acknowledge the positive aspects of someone. True businessmen or a marketers will try to learn something positive whenever they get a chance, be it from anyone.

There are some superb lessons which online marketers and SEO professionals can learn from casanovas – those die-hard womanizers and seducers. If you want to know what they are, read on.

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Below are 3 things which every online marketer or businessman should learn and adopt:

1. Learning to Give Something First Before Trying to Get Something
This is one of the biggest lesson any businessman can learn. And who else can understand this life principle better than a true casanova? In order to get the object of his desire, the casanova is willing to give her what she wants first. A casanovasusually studies a woman the is going after in great detail. He will pay attention and notice many small and big details. He will try to find out her taste, likes, dislikes, what puts her off and about her moods.

He will try to find out what is missing in her life and try to provide that. In spite of doing all this, there may be times when he may not get his wish fulfilled with a particular woman. But it does not put him off. He will continue this strategy with other women of giving before trying to get something.

On the other end of the spectrum, imagine a desperate guy who, upon seeing a pretty lady, cannot just stop his mind from fantasizing and thinking dirty thoughts about her. He will straightaway want to approach that girl and make out with her. Upon getting a chance to talk to her, he may blurt out some canny pickup line in the hope she will respond favorably.

Now relate this example to online marketers, SEO’ers and content marketers. Don’t we, much of the time, behave in the same manner? We put out an article targeting a keyword and we want Google to instantly rank our page on the first page. We want our website visitor to take out his card and buy the stuff we are promoting as soon as he lands on our page.

We don’t bother to stop and think about what Google wants or what our audience wants. We don’t try to provide them what they want and need. We don’t bother about giving something of value before trying to get something from them. Is this approach likely to succeed or fail? You decide.

The expert casanova always talks and behaves with women with respect. He studies, observes and analyzes his prey. Same is the case in business. You don’t get anything for free. You should learn to offer something before attempting to get something. You have to be willing to pay the price for whatever thing you are seeking.

2. The Value of Patience
Another very important thing that you can learn from a serial casanova is the value of patience. You have to work hard and be willing to wait, sometimes for a long long time, to achieve your desires and goals. The desperate lover wants everything as quickly as possible. Waiting is unbearable to him. He wants instant gratification.

As a marketer, whose behavior are you closer to? Do you behave impatiently and impudently like the desperate lover or are you willing to put in the required efforts and the hours to work towards your goal, and show restraint and patience till you achieve it? Patience is a virtue that every businessman should possess.

3. Not Giving Up Easily
Life throws unexpected twists and turns your way. Are you able to calmly deal with them? Things usually don’t turn out exactly as you planned or expected. What do you do in such situations? Do you give up on your dreams easily? Or do you have the fortitude and the perseverance to ride through the rough waves and remain focused?

The desperate lover usually gives up quickly upon upon the first sign of resistance or rejection from the woman. Furthermore, he is so put off by it that permanently becomes terrified of expressing his desires and interest in front of women.

The successful womanizer on the other hand does not give up easily. He makes several attempts at winning the woman of his desire. And these are serious attempts, not half-baked attempts. At the same time, he knows when to call it quits with a particular woman, if she does not show any inclination or interest towards him.

He does not force himself upon someone. He only attempts to win their love and favor. And if he does not succeed with someone he just moves on. He takes the rejection in his stride. He understands that in life you sometimes win and sometimes lose. It is no big deal and it is not the end of the world.

The woman may be beautiful but her rejection of him does not make him any less of a man and it does not mean anything in his life. He does not become so obsessed with a woman that her rejection kills him. No woman is so precious to hand over that kind of power to her. This kind of killer nonchalant attitude sets him poles apart from the desperate, needy lover.

* Note – This post does not intend to encourage promiscuous or womanizing behavior in any way. We don’t promote or encourage such irresponsible and morally corrupt behavior on the part of the man or the woman.

This post is firstly for fun purpose and it is also meant to show that we can learn certain things and traits even from people whose overall behavior we don’t approve.

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