7 Important Differences Between Great and Mediocre Facebook Marketers

Facebook, undoubtedly is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and
Facebook marketing has become one of the biggest digital channels in terms of new
opportunities. The platform offers a variety of different paid and organic tools for brands to
surface themselves to Facebook's sprawling user base.

In today’s world of social media, it has become a prerequisite for a business to have a Facebook
presence. With the help of the platform, companies are able to achieve their social influence in
terms of business, customer relationships, brand awareness, reputation, and much more.
This is why many of the businesses and brands are willing to invest in marketing by making
Facebook a gateway for their business.

It’s extremely important to optimize your business page if you’re going to succeed at Facebook

This is where people will go if they want to learn about your business.
This 5-step Facebook marketing strategy will work for almost any business in any industry

  • Build Your Facebook Funnel
  • Find Your Target Market
  • Create Enticing Content
  • Set Your Advertising Budget
  • Track Important KPIs & Measure Results

It is crucial for marketers to create compelling marketing content on the platform. This
article provides an overview of the most important differences between marketers that are
great on Facebook and those that are mediocre.

 The difference between mediocre Facebook marketers and great ones is the way they
think. Mediocre Facebook marketers are focused on the numbers they can see, while
great ones are focused on the customer experience.
 Great Facebook marketers know that it's not about what you say, but how you make
people feel. They know that they need to give people a reason to like their page, share
their content, and ultimately buy from them.

Mediocre Facebook marketers are all about tactics – what to post and when to post it.
Great ones focus on strategy – why people should follow them and what makes them
different from everyone else out there.

Successful Facebook marketers know that the most important difference between
great and mediocre ones is their ability to use data. They know how to track what
works and what doesn’t, and they’re able to act on the insights they gain.

Great marketers use their creativity to come up with fresh, new ideas for posts. They
also do a good job at curating the best information from other sources. Mediocre
marketers just post whatever they come across on Facebook without any
consideration of the audience or relevance to their brand.

Great marketers know how to use Facebook as a marketing tool. Mediocre marketers
use it as a social media platform. Great marketers engage with other related page owners in order to make
collaborations happen in order to cross-promote their products or services whereas
mediocre marketers see this as a threat rather than an opportunity.

  • In addition to the above, great marketers also
  • Invest in high-quality visual content
  • Increase their budgets in periods where their audience metrics dips (e.g. holidays)
  • Optimize ad campaigns by investing time in understanding the consumer’s choice
    making journey through data collection and optimization techniques

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