What To Do Immediately After You Find An Easy, Low-Competition Keyword?

Ok now you have found an easy SEO keyword. So ranking for it should be a breeze. If you are a total beginner to this process then pick as easy a keyword as possible. Don’t worry how much searches it currently gets. Just get ranked for it and a major hurdle will be crossed and mental barrier will be broken.

Your confidence will boost seeing your website ranking in the search engine for that particular keyword of your choosing. Even if it is currently getting you little to no traffic, so be it because getting more traffic or increasing revenue are not your immediate goals right now. Surely you want to have more traffic and money flowing to you, but for this first step, those things are not as important.

The important thing right now is to get a feel for ranking on Google and getting a sense of wild achievement. For the next step you can choose a little more stronger keyword with maybe a little more search volume, and so on. With each step, you will be gaining in confidence. So pick only those keywords which you can be sure of ranking with little to no effort, without worrying too much if they bring you any meaningful traffic at all.

Your goal is to just see your website being ranked on the first page and getting that feeling of joy and pleasure seeing yourself on the first page of Google, no matter for how small or insignificant a keyword. Consider this as practice and learning experience. Traffic and dollars can come later.

Pickup a really really easy keyword. It will usually be long tail, containing 4 to 5 words or more. The search intent will be quite clear behind such keywords. It could also be a question from Quora or from Google’s PAA (People Also Ask). For this keyword or question which is very specific and narrow and try to answer it briefly. From now on start thinking of keywords as topics.

What are Good Keywords for Beginners?
Good keywords are keywords that are easier not just to rank but also easy to write about, without needing hours of research. You also wont need to write tons and tons of data to cover that keyword topic. If you have no idea what to write about, or you are struggling to write content around it because it is still vague, or you need to carry out a lot of research or you need to probably write 5000 words to cover the subject properly,  then that keyword you chose is still very broad.

Try to find a subset or one aspect or part of that topic to write about. The more specific and narrow the topic or keyword the better. Remember this general rule of thumb – anytime you are struggling to write targeted and useful content, try to break down that topic into further parts.

How to do keyword research‘ is not an easy keyword, so it is actually a bad keyword for beginners to target. There are lots of things that come under keyword research, so it is quite a broad topic. ‘How to find an easy keyword using Ahrefs in 5 minutes or less‘ can be a good topic to target for beginners (and even for advanced bloggers). ‘3 free beginner-friendly tools for doing keyword research‘ can also be a good topic as it is narrow and specific. ‘Is Google keyword planner the best keyword research tool for beginners?‘ can also be an example of a good, easy keyword for beginners to go after.

Hope you get the idea and can recognize a narrow topic from a broad one, and a good keyword to target from a bad one.

Things To Do After Finding Easy to Rank Keywords
The first thing to do after you have found a golden keyword is to go ahead and build some short or medium sized content for this super easy keyword or question. If you feel like writing a longer piece of content, go for it. But don’t force yourself. Since the keyword you picked is super-duper easy, even shorter content should be able to do it. Aim for writing at least 200 pieces of valuable, useful content around that keyword topic.

The best way to make use of the keywords you chose is to write helpful content around it. Keep it short but cover important points that need to be addressed. And publish your content. Don’t need to optimize it too much. Just mention the keyword once or twice in the content in a natural way. That shouldn’t be enough.

Since it is a very low competition keyword, it should not be too hard to get ranked for it without having to repeat the keyword multiple times in the text or having to sprinkle additional, related, LSI keywords or entities in the text. Just relax and have fun with the content. Just make it useful enough for your readers. It doesn’t have to be the best and most useful, valuable content out there on the topic. If you make it good and useful enough at a satisfactory level, you are good to go. You can always improve upon it later and you are likely to get better at this game as time goes on.

Publish it and do something to get it indexed if you don’t want to wait till Google finds it on its own. By doing something I don’t mean doing anything stupid like going out and building a 100 backlinks to it from all kinds of suspicious sources. Just gently tell the world about your article by sharing it across a couple of social media platforms, that’s it. Don’t go crazy with it and don’t spam. Just a couple of social posts linking back to your article should be sufficient. You are now good to go! Celebrate and have some rest. You have started the journey of online marketing or blogging.

[separate topic for the next lower tier – what to do and not to do after you publish content for an easy, low-competitive keyword]

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