How To Get More Views To Your Youtube Video Using Simple Steps

This post has been inspired by a couple of videos which have presented this useful information. I will display the videos below and also write down the important points discussed in them so that it would be easier for you to read and follow without having to watch the whole video if you don’t want to.


The first video is from a Youtuber named Marissa Romero. She shares some important tips

The first thing discussed in the video is about the importance of having proper thumbnails as they can have a huge impact on your video views.  The following are important points discussed regarding thumbnails:

  • The face picture should be closer – take closeup pic or zoomed pic in your thumbnail as that is more impactful
  • The text in the thumbnail should have clear big fonts – title should be only 3-5 words and not have too much text which is better

By the way Marissa says that if the clickthrough rate on your video is above 4% it is good, if it is 7-8% then the video has potential of going viral

Getting suggested traffic from other videos
Step 1 – Find a popular keyword in your niche. You can do keyword research to find some keyword which you can target and which is not too difficult. You can also go to your competitors channels and see which of their videos are most popular to find topics and keywords.

Here is a small tip from me that I want to add – Another thing you can do is go to any popular video and scroll through the comments and find out the words or phrases the people are using. You may want to include those words/phrases that stand out in your video description, tags etc. Remember this is the language used by your targeted audience. You can find some golden keyword straight from the horse’s (audience) mouth . You might hit upon some really golden keyword phrases which any keyword tool might not show you.

Step 2 – Level up – Whatever video you are going to model/target, make it better than the original. Preferrably a little bit longer. When your videos are longer, the watch time may be longer and youtube can reward you with more views.

Step 3 – In order to increase retention, the first impression is important. So the first few seconds or minutes of your video are very important. So plan what you want to show in taht time. For example if you are making a video on how to make money from home, you can show people your home office and how your typical day is like. This can increase user engagement and spark their interest.

Have fresh and useful information. This is the most critical part, without this the other tips discussed above may not work long term.

Below is another video I leave you with which talks about what to do to quickly grow your Youtube viewership even if you are starting from 0 views and 0 subscribers. The video is from a guy named Dan Lok who is quite popular:


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