Powerful Affiliate Mindset – I will not quit even if it does not work …

Powerful Affiliate Mindset – “I will not quit even if it does not work …”

Do you want to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level? Then adopt the mindset ‘I will not quit doing this even if I dont get any results’. Then stick to your resolve. Even if you are not getting results you should not quit and continue doing the thing you decided to do.

Things may not happen as you want on the first few tries. You may fail and falter. That is okay. But if you just quit any strategy just after failing a few times then you may not see much success in any venture, if that is how you do things.

There might be a proven strategy that works beautifully. Still you will find a huge number of people failing with it while a few become successful using that same strategy. What could be the reason some succeed while many fail?

One big reason could probably be in the mindset. Significant majority of people would dive into a strategy with the mindset ‘Let me try this out and see what happens’. They are thinking of trying it out for a few days, weeks or months. They don’t want to commit to it for the long term – probably many months or even years.

In most cases people who get in with the mindset of ‘let me try and see how it goes’ or ‘let me try it out for few days or weeks’ are probably going to quit sooner or later before they can see success with that strategy.

On the other hand, people who are committed to implementing the strategy full-heartedly and are willing to put in hours of work and do it over the long term may see significant success sooner or later in their journey.

The important thing is to stick to a thing, be consistent and be a long-term player. People who fail are usually looking for overnight or fairly quick successes, and when they don’t get it they jump to another strategy and thus go on wasting their time, going nowhere even after years of struggle. Then they complain that nothing is working for them or they complain that a particular strategy is useless, etc/

The mindset and commitment level of people sets the stage even before they start something new. The mindset can set them up for success or failure even before they begin! So you need to get your mindset right and talk yourself into doing things for the long term and prepare yourself to commit for the longer term. Stop wishful thinking and dreaming of overnight successes. Be prepared to work hard and smart.

Talk yourself into sticking to limited few things and focusing on them solely, without allowing any distractions. Avoid temptation of trying another new strategy while you are still in the middle making the first strategy work.

Adopt the mindset that even if things don’t work as you wish when you first start out any new strategy or action plan you will stick to it diligently and ruthlessly. You will not allow your thoughts to wander and you will not allow yourself to become discouraged or distracted or lose hope or lose courage.

If you are a courageous soul you can make this work. It is up to you when you can give your 100% to make it work. Stick with the thing you started out with. Don’t give up so easily or quickly. Stick with it even if it is not currently working. Stick with it even if you are not getting desired results. Stick with it even if the situation seems or feels hopeless. Stick with it even when everything seems gloomy and dark. Stick with it even if people are making fun of you. Stick with if even if your spouse is not supporting you in your decision. Cling to it with all your might, just like how a drowning man would cling to anything he could get his hands on.

Stick with it even if everyone around you thinks you are a fool or when well-meaning friends advice you to get real and get practical. You may even allow yourself to become obsessed with the strategy you are trying out, but within reasonable limits. Do not become obsessed to the point of madness or addiction and do not spoil your health or relations or other areas of your life due to your obsession. Do not let the obsession become an all-consuming one. However you may need to become at least a little obsessed – more than you normally are accustomed to and more than other people are usually obsessed about achieving something.

If you can manage to do this then you may see mind-blowing results that leave everyone speechless. The trick is overcome the habit of wanting results quickly. If you can get over your impatience and haste you may taste great successes and see amazing sights and experience superb results! So are you ready for it? Do you have what it takes to adopt this powerful mindset and take your affiliate marketing game to a whole new level?

3 Important Things To Keep In Mind:

1. Pick and choose carefully a proven and easily do-able strategy – Because you will be committing to a strategy for the long term, it is important that you pick a strategy wisely to begin with. So do thorough research and make sure you are picking a strategy that is right for you so that you can stick with it for months and years.

The strategy should satisfy the following conditions:
– It should be simple and do-able. Do not pick up something too complex to your liking. If something is complex, break it down into smaller chunks and start working on one chunk at a time.
– Pick a proven strategy. The strategy should be something that has proven to work for others.
– It should be something based on your interests and skills so that you can produce good quality work.

2. Learn from your failures, analyze and adapt. Do not follow a strategy blind-foldedly – Sticking to a strategy does not mean that you just prod on blindly. You can of course reflect on the results, analyze the strategy, learn from failures that you encounter along the way, adapt the strategy and tweak it a little whenever required, and modify your approach a little bit whenever needed.

3. Know when to quit – You also need to know when to finally quit something and try something else. Not all things that you try may work. So if any strategy or business model is not working for you even after many attempts then you may need to look for other options.

The thing is not to quit too soon but be involved in a strategy for long term. However there may come a time after weeks or months when you realize this thing is probably not right for you. It does not make sense to persist with something when it is not working at all for you.

If such a situation arises do not lose heart or courage. You can give a long, hard look at it and see why it is not working. Then say goodbye to a strategy if you feel that is the right step for you. At the same time, any new strategy or approach that you now take on, start it with the same determination and firm mindset of working at it for long time and trying your best to make it successful.

Hope you learned something useful today. Let me leave you with a short, inspiring video:

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