Awesome Benefit of Going After Underserved Blog Niches and Topics

Here is an excellent tip shared in this video by PassiveIncomeGeek which talks about targeting under-served topics and markets, specially for new websites. This helps you achieve faster website growth, authority and trust (think E-A-T) in the eyes of Google. You can implement this strategy no matter whichever niche you are in and grow your site authority fast!

Check out the video and my comments below relating to keyword search analysis and covering under-served topics:

Until you are able to get 20k or more pageviews to your site per month you should try to go only for underserved topics and target low competition keywords. This is because you don’t want any competition when your site is brand new. Make it as easy as possible for yourself!

This strategy can help you scale up quickly and achieve some respectable traffic figures fast without having to break your back trying to rank for competitive keywords by wrestling it out with the big guys of the niche.

There are several benefits of targeting under-served topics:

  • There is hardly any competition for those topics so you become the sole authority on those topics
  • Your site becomes the go-to site for Google for those topics as there are none others writing on those topics
  • You start getting traffic, even though it might be a small trickle at first, it can grow substantially in the long run if you keep writing about the underserved topics in your niche
  • Keep answering the user’s queries which no one else is answering and you are likely to grow your audience and fan base
  • Your site can become a trusted source in the eyes of Google, at least for those lesser topics. Very soon you may find Google rewarding you with higher rankings even for more competitive keywords
  • You won’t have to spend money to buy backlinks and do other kind of social media postings to get your content ranked. As the topic you are writing on has very little competition, you are likely to get ranked without much effort at all
  • You can also get ranked with shorter content because of the lack of competition. Google does not have any other option but to rank your site since nobody else is covering that topic or user query. So you can get away with short piece content in underserved markets whereas it may take you a mammoth 2000+ word article in more competitive markets to hope for any sort of rankings.

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